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Volunteer Stories: Jinyu tells us why she volunteers at Two Temple Place

Jinyu Zhang started volunteering with us on our Unbound: Visionary Women Collecting Textilesexhibition. Jinyu is currently doing a masters in Museums and Galleries in Education, while volunteering at Tower of London and Two Temple Place. Jinyu is also an art teacher and is passionate about providing inspiring art learning experience for children. She formerly designed children learning programs for contemporary art exhibitions and school art projects. "The first time I entered Two Temple Place, I was deeply attracted to it. It was a sunny afternoon when all the sunlight came through the windows and pouring on the wooden building itself. The late Victorian architecture and the rose windows were just glorious.I was lucky to be one of the volunteer team this year, helping with the Unbound: Visionary Women collecting textiles. This exhibition is about seven women who collected textiles in their period. The collections are inclusive and diverse in history, culture, arts and social bac…

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