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Welcome to Voices from Two Temple Place!
Stone stairs with two pillars leading up to a large double wooden door

Welcome to Voices from Two Temple Place: an inclusive online platform dedicated to showcasing the many perspectives of the people that contribute to the Bulldog Trust’s Winter Exhibition ProgrammeThese voices will range from curators, collections, exhibitions staff and volunteers to education and events workshop leaders as well as others with the intention of giving behind the scenes access to our exhibitions, and life at Two Temple Place.

Our annual Winter Exhibition Programme is dedicated to producing exhibitions which showcase the many extraordinary public collections from around the UK, nurturing emerging curatorial talent and opening Two Temple Place to the public for free. Each exhibition is a result of close collaboration between The Bulldog Trust and the partner museums and galleries that we work with each year, with the shared goal of raising national awareness of these regional collections.

In light of our 2020 exhibition Unbound: Visionary Women Collecting Textiles having to close early, we are keen to make much of our exhibition content available and accessible online, at a time when perhaps we can have a positive effect on mental wellbeing and cultural engagement. Our exhibitions are always free to encourage broader public participation and hopefully this blog may serve to reaching this aim in some small way during these trying times. 

Thinking long-term, whilst the exhibition is closed to the public as usual from the end of April until the following January, the blog will serve as a legacy to the many people involved in Two Temple Place over the years and the amazing exhibitions we have hosted.


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