Virtual Exhibition Tour by Lotte Crawford, Assistant Curator

Follow Lotte Crawford, Assistant Curator of Unbound: Visionary Women Collecting Textiles, as she gives us a virtual tour of the exhibition, introducing it's themes and exploring the seven pioneering women who built these collections through key objects: Edith Durham (1863 –1944), Louisa Pesel (1870 – 1947), Olive Matthews (1887 – 1979), Muriel Rose (1897 – 1986), Enid Marx (1902 – 1998), Jennifer Harris (working 1982-2016 at the Whitworth, University of Manchester) and Nima Poovaya-Smith (Senior Keeper International Arts 1985-1998, Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Bradford).

Introduction to Unbound: Visionary Women Collecting Textiles

The following videos focus on each individual woman as well as a key objects from each of their collections.

Introduction to Edith Durham (1863 - 1944)

Description of Edith Durham's Opanke (shoes) worn during her travels
Opanke belonging to Edith Durham date unknown, Twine and hide. © Calderdale Museums Collection, Halifax. Photography by Richard Eaton

Introduction to Louisa Pesel (1870 - 1947)

Insight into Bradford Cathedral's Altar Fronlet, made by the Bradford Khaki Handicraft Club in 1918

Installation view of the Bradford Khaki Club's Altar Frontlet 1918 from Bradford Cathedral

Introduction to Olive Matthews (1887 - 1979)

Introducing the Spitalfields Dress

Dress 1750-60, Handwoven Spitalfields cream silk brocade © The Olive Matthews Collection, Chertsey Museum. Photograph by John Chase Photography

A further thought on the dress

Introduction to Muriel Rose (1897 - 1986)

The importance of Barron and Larcher to Muriel Rose and the Little Gallery
Installation view of Barron and Larcher's block printed fabrics from left to right: Kite (over chair), Carnac, Alice and Bunch with Feathers

Introduction to Enid Marx ( 1902 - 1998)

Ribbons from the Marx Lambert Collection © Compton Verney. Photography by Harminder Judge

Introduction to Dr Jennifer Harris

Installation view of Alice Kettle's Three Caryatids 1988 at Two Temple Place

Introduction to Nima Poovaya-Smith

Installation view and detail of the Varanasi sari, 18th century, from Cartwright Hall Art Gallery.

Lotte Crawford wraps up her virtual tour.

Further information on the context of these women and their collections can be found in our catalogue. You can read our catalogue online here.


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