Duty Manager, Kimberley, discusses her time at 2TP

Kimberley Cookey-Gam is one of our Duty Managers working with us on our Unbound: Visionary Women Collecting Textiles exhibition. The Duty Manager role focuses on managing and supporting volunteers, engaging with and helping visitors, managing our shop and plays a vital role in day to day operations. Kimberley is an artist and maker and works a lot with textiles. She's always looked for ways to combine her love of sculpture with her love of clothes which led her to starting to crochet, which she picked up over 4 years ago and hasn't stopped since. Kimberley found working at the Unbound exhibition to be a perfect fit and below, she talks about her time at Two Temple Place.

"My time spent working at 2 Temple Place has been one that has allowed me to learn new things and meet wonderful new people. The aspects of the exhibition that resonated with me was how women have been so involved in the exhibition curation process through different stages in history – not just in the making - and how a passion for collection can start so early on in life. 

Kimberley at Two Temple Place infront of Phulkari, Punjab (Early 20th Century), Cotton with floss silk embroidery. Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Bradford Museums and Galleries.

I was really drawn to the works in the Great Hall. I think that it is a great portrayal of just how much textile has transformed over the years and how it’s still used and valued up until the present day. That it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That so many parts of the world use it as a form of communication, and that it is one of the ways that connects us all – its just the outcome and the interpretation that differs from culture to culture and taste to taste. People from all walks of life resonate with textiles in one way or another.

Great Hall at Two Temple Place. Photography by Richard Eaton Photography.

One aspect that was new to me was learning about Barron and Larcher’s process of using everyday objects to create block print, from old car tires to rusty nails. I am fond of the timelessness of their pieces as it is very much something that can still be used as a process, whilst still creating unique results.

My time spent duty managing has allowed me to meet and engage with individuals that I would not have met otherwise. The amazing aspect of 2TP is how it caters to and excites all who walk through the doors. Whether they know what they are in for or not. There were always compliments on the intricacy and detail put into the chosen works on display. And if textile wasn’t a someone’s cup of tea – then that is when the admiration for the building would be mentioned. 

Family Workshop at Two Temple Place.

I was fond of the free family craft workshops and talking to the volunteers about their own various craft projects, which added to the sense of community that was very present during my time there. I am extremely grateful to all who contributed to making my Unbound experience a pleasant one. "


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